About The Blog

Hello! 😀

This Blog is part of my journey to rediscovery.  I found that as I grew older, I seem to gradually “shed” those things that inspired me and made me happy as seemingly pointless and miniscule they all seemed.  The idea is that I exploit every and all opportunity to employ them in a way that provides me with an endless “pot” of enrichment   😛

I wish to achieve this by exploring a variety of productive activities such as writing, music, art and photography. I intend to explore different writing styles from fiction to poetry and also to record my journey avidly.  In addition to providing me with a platform that enables me to adequately practice writing through different forms of media, I want this blog to provide me with a platform for constructive criticism.

I’d Like to point out  that the overall aim is for this to be a learning experience for me and hopefully, you as well.

This essentially means, all thoughts, comments and suggestions are especially welcome ^_^

I can only hope that this helps me rediscover the door in my mind to the endless, limitless hopes and dreams locked away with my inner child and also that you aid me during this process.

Plus, you never know; u might just learn something too.


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